The Christmas Poems


Our tradition began in 1992: My wife selects, from among poems I have written during the year, the one she considers most appropriate to send to friends and relatives with our holiday greetings.  Sometimes the poems are personal or family-oriented, but often they deal with social or historic events of the year in question. 

1992:    In Memoriam

1993:    Inundation Rhapsody: Midwest 1993

1994:    Ceremonies in Time and Space

1995:    Home Improvement Prayer

1996:    Monastery at Wadi Natrun

1997:    Gift

1998:    By the Way: Poems over the Years

1999:    Mother and Child on Board

2000:    Last Rite

2001:    Fallout

2002:    Fountain

2003:    Speaking

2004:    Recovery

2005:    Katrina Watch

2006:     Bullet Holes

2007:     Late Season

2008:     Labyrinth

2009:    Every Day The World Starts Again

2010:     Southern Living

2011:     Salvator Mundi

2012:     Time Found

2013:     The Real You

2014:     Grandfathering


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