Full-Length Comedies


Clio's Web.

Comedy in two acts (2m, 2w, chorus of 3).  In the august National Academy, aging white Director, Old Sam, is implicated in a financial scandal and overthrown by two young researchers, Jeffrey (female) and Rick, who favor feminism, multi-culturalism, and opening up the study of American culture.  But with the arrival of computers and Web, the new generation must cope with the end of history as we have know it . . . .

Give Us This Day.

Seriocomedy in two acts (4m, 2w, 1 TV voice, single set).  For years, Will Kaufman, bored from his factory job, has retreated to his beloved TV in order to turn out the needs of his family.  But as son Kevin runs away, daughter Christie gets pregnant, and wife Esther wins the state lottery, major eruptions transform the family dynamics.

The Life of Bonneur.

Political spoof in five acts (6m, 4w, single set).  Two lovers in a Parisian park find the body of François Bonneur, the French Labor Minister, floating in a pond.  Apparently a suicide.  But he later reappears - to his wife's disappointment and even more media attention.  As Bonneur desperately seeks to escape public life, all the tabloids call out for his "resurrection" as President.

Nevertheless . . .

Romance in two acts (4m, 4w, single set).  Michael Engel, a young sculptor, langushes uninspired in his cluttered apartment.  Along comes Clara, a wide-eyed young admirer - only her boyfriend is a body-builder.  When Michael threatens to smash his new masterpiece she posed for, his friends usher the dreamy artist into the real world.

O Say Can't You See?

Satire in two acts (5m, 3w, single set).  Matt Killibrew, American Poarty candidate for President, can't find anyone who still wants to vote.  Somehow, Betsy Ross appears, spouting the truisms of the Founding Fathers; she manages to convert even the drug-pushers and street-walkers of our capital city.  Matt's campaign manager is forced to take drastic action to preserve the "integrity" of contemporary media politics.

Too Much to Bare.

Comedy in two acts (3m, 4w, single set).  A burned-out, middle-aged New York couple long to escape career and marital pressures in a rented condo in southeastern France.  Only: the condo rules insist on nudism and their bored neighbors pursue the plain facts.  The chaotic charades end with the renewal that comes only with stripping away all pretense.

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