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The GOLD Invitational

Music lovers have purchased Greatest Hits from the music industry for decades and now Pudding House brings you hits from some of the greatest poets from the contemporary American landscape. The poems most often requested for reprint or performance, the pieces remembered most by their fans and groupies. Yes!--poets have groupies, too!

From academic poets to community and street poets--the Greatest Hits series provides the top 12 hottest numbers from some of the hottest poets in the country. This invitational celebrates poet's place in our culture and honors the artists whose lines elevate America's poetic sensitivities. Check out the Pudding House website at for the latest information on this series. And watch for readings and performances nationwide by David Radavich and his fellow poets featured in GOLD.

DAVID RADAVICH has published poetry collections entitled Slain Species and By the Way: Poems over the Years , as well as several chapbooks and a wide variety of poetry in the U.S. and abroad.   America Bound: An Epic for Our Time (Plain View, 2007) combines poetry and drama into a narrative of American culture from World War II to the present, while Canonicals (Finishing Line, 2009) explores “love’s hours.  His latest collection is Middle-East Mezze (Plain View, 2011), exploring a troubled yet fascinating part of our world.  

His plays have been performed by the Charleston Alley Theatre, First Stage (Los Angeles), Mid-America Playweights Theatre, New Perspectives Theatre (New York), and many other groups.  Six plays have been performed Off-Off-Broadway to date, and five have been published.   Fragments of the Third Planet received its European premiere in 2000 in Pforzheim, Germany.  He has also published articles on poetry, drama, and  contemporary writing.  Recipient of a number of poetry and drama prizes, Radavich was named an Illinois Distinguished Author in 1995.

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