How to make sense
    of need?--

    Christians in a Muslim
    land, disciples of St. Mark,

    the Alexandrine

    these herds of camels
    loping, sand pastures, wind-
    blown shrubs and


    these crosses,
    multiplying in rows

    as necklaces,

    breast upon sanded breast
    with slitted eyes,

    dry hollow passages

    through time

    This is the desert
    beyond words.

    God rounded to chapels
    in punishing sun,

    wind flailing
    the brazen flame trees

    and this horde
    of humans

    touching the sacred
    relic, summoning strength

    from bone necessity

    a life in sand

    that stays and stays

    The cleric robes
    hang loosely, simply
    in the heat, move graciously

    as naked feet begin
    to pray.

                                                              --David Radavich



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