Poetry Publications:

       Slain Species.  London: Court Poetry Press, 1980.

       By the Way: Poems over the YearsChampaign, IL: Buttonwood Press, 1998.

       Greatest Hits 1978-2000Johnstown, OH: Pudding House, 2000.

       America Bound: An Epic for Our Time.  Austin, TX: Plain View Press, 2007.

      Canonicals: Love's HoursGeorgetown, KY : Finishing Line Press, 2009.

       Several chapbooks, and numerous individual poems in such publications as Albany Review, Bluff City, Chapman (Scotland), Chimères, Comstock Review, Counterpoint, Ekphrasis, Evansville Review, Farmer's Market, International Poetry Review, International Quarterly, Kansas Quarterly, Louisville Review, Northwoods Journal, Nottingham Poetry Review, Orbis (England), Poet and Critic, Poetpourri, Revista Interamericana (Puerto Rico), Time of Singing, The Times Literary Supplement (England), and Willow Review.

Poems anthologized in:

Die weiten Horizonte: amerikanische Lyrik 1638 bis 1980Cologne: Pressler Verlag, 1980.
Special American Poets Issue. Orbis (Nuneaton, England), No. 86, Autumn 1992.
Century: 100 Major Modern Poets. Orbis (Nuneaton, England), No. 100, 1996.
Prayers to Protests: Poems that Center and Bless UsEd. Jennifer Bosveld.  Johnstown, OH: Pudding House, 1998.
Knowing Stones: Poems of Exotic Places.  Ed. Maureen Flannery. Evanston, IL: John Gordon Burke, 2000.
Christmas Collection.  Buffalo, NY: July Literary Press, 2001.
Imported Breads: Literature of Cultural Exchange.  Ed. Phillip Sterling.  Dubois, PA: Mammoth Books, 2003.
Lawrence Durrell and the Greek World.  Ed. Anna Lillios.  Selinsgrove, PA: Susquehanna University Press, 2004.  See www.eiu.edu/~agora.
Out of Line: Imaginative Writings on Peace and JusticeEd. Sam Longmire.  Trenton, OH: Garden House, 2005.
Tree Magic: Nature's AntennasEd. Jackie Hofer.  Longmont, CO: SunShine, 2005.
Immigration Emigration Diversity.  Eds. Timothy E. Crowley and Jaki Shelton Green.  Chapel Hill, NC: Chapel Hill Press, 2005.
Long River Run IIConnecticut Poetry Society.  Vol. 3.  Waterbury, CT: Fall 2005.
Out of Line: Fiction, Poetry, Essays on Themes of Peace and JusticeEd. Sam Longmire.  Trenton, OH: Garden House, 2006.
The Book of Hopes and Dreams.  Ed. Dee Rimbaud.  Bristol, UK: bluchrome, 2006.
Hurricane Blues: Poems About Katrina and RitaEds. Philip C. Kolin and Susan Swartwout.  Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2006.
Out of Line: Fiction, Poetry, Essays on Themes of Peace and JusticeEd. Sam Longmire.  Trenton, OH: Garden House, 2007.
Poem, RevisedEds. Robert Hartwell Fiske and Laura Cherry.  Oak Park, IL: Marion Street P, 2008.

Works in progress:

     The Countries We Live InPoems.

Sample Poems from By the Way:

Ceremonies in Time and Space
Visiting and Alexandrine Mosque
Persian Gulf Watch


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